About Us

Don Bosco Oyster Bay Vocational Training Centre is a non-profit organization, recognized and registered by the Government of Tanzania. It started its activities in Oyster Bay in 1986 and was registered in 1988. In line with the Salesians mission, the center prepares young boys and girls for life with technical and life skills.  Primary importance being faith, respect, love, justice, freedom and peace. In addition, the center works with marginalized youths who are also, materially poor, orphans and addicts through vocational training.


In respect of its mission in assisting youngsters both men and girls/women in vocational training literacy programme and educational genius, Don Bosco VTC Oyster Bay promotes innovative and medium sized projects for the youths that strive to empower the young with new ideas, new technology through 3-year training in (Carpentry, Fitter/Welder, Electrical Installations, Secretarial and Computer) trades. Through trades offered, students have continued to gain self-confidence and are empowered with knowledge, skills, values and attitude that help them improve their livelihood. 

Progressively the center has been extended, due to the growing demand at the school. Presently, the total number of trainees is 280, all attending training for three years. Most Students are primary school leavers with few secondary dropouts and form four leavers. All are day scholars.

Worth noting is that currently at Oyster Bay VTC the students are only trained in electrical installation. However, for successful project implementation, the students will need basic electronics course to equip them with needed photovoltaic skills. Given that this is a new technical area for the students as. The project will also offer refresher training courses to the electrical department trainers and staff.

Don Bosco Oysterbay

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