This course of Tailoring began at Don Bosco Oysterbay in October 2016. The equipments for the tailoring department were sponsored by Via Don Bosco of Belgium, an agency which has been financially supporting  the Technical schools of the Salesians of Don Bosco in Tanzania.


Carpentry and Joinery


Carpentry & Joinery course-Level III Certificate (CBA)

It covers the following skills:
Producing basic woodworking joints, and safely using various hand and power tools.

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Courses and duration

Course                                    Duration

Tailoring                                  6 Months

Computer                                As per package

Welding                                  3 years

Carpentry                                3years

Fitter Mechanics                       3years

Motor V. Mechanics                  3years

Electrical                                3years


infoElectrical Installation course -Level III Certificate CBA 

 Students learn Industrial & domestic electrical Installations and Motor Rewinding both in theory and practical and Technical Drawing.


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Fitter Mechanics

Fitter Mechanics course-Level III Certificate CBA Students learn how to make gears, Sprocket gear, Bevel gear, Shafts, Bolts, Nuts, and any other types of spares for machines in theory and practical and Technical Drawing. They are also involved in production in their third year of study. 

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Secretarial and Computer Studies

Full Secretarial and Computer course-Level III Certificate CBA (Oysterbay Dar )

Students learn all Office practice, Secretarial duties in both theory and practical. They also learn basic book keeping, business commercial arithmetic, shorthand and typing


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Don Bosco Oysterbay

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