We are gathered here today to celebrate International Women’s Day. We are all delighted and grateful that our donors and partners have made it possible to unite all our female students/graduates/staff and other key stakeholders on this important day. At DBNET, we take this day very seriously because as an organization, we value women empowerment at work and in the society.

Celebrated on 8th March, every year, the significance of International Women’s Day is increasing year after year and is also being celebrated in colleges and schools nowadays which instil respect and care for women in the minds of young brains since their childhood itself.


It is with this in mind that DBNET has joined with all its partners and stakeholders all over the country and organized an event to commemorate the International Women’s Day which celebrates the achievements and performance of women in all spheres of life. The event marks the continuation of virtual campaign hosted by DBNET on gender equity, awareness, and participation in vocational Training since 201. For most marginalized and disadvantaged youngsters across the country.


Our organization gives utmost importance to gender equality and not privilege. Ours is to ensure that   young women who are deprived, needy or require support to stand shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts in the society. We do that by providing equal opportunities for the girls by allocating more resources to help the girl child stay in school and access education. Which has been our key message/theme for our gender campaign dubbed “BintiThamani”


Our intervention has/still been, providing quality education without discrimination, a gender friendly environment, career information, and employment and internship opportunities in a bid to empower young women so that they don't rely on others or feel vulnerable and dependent. Thereby falling into the trap of early marriage for financial support but rather stay strong and be independent.


Today's society is flooded by women of great stature, women who have stayed true to accomplish their academic goals and became successful in both the private and public sector, while acquiring numerous accolades and recognition and admiration. We are honoured today to be joined by some of these women. Who in their incredible pace of life have found time to inspire, encourage, educate and mentor our girls through their professional/business and social success experience. As a result, the event will feature prominent and successful motivational speakers from the government, private and non-governmental organizational, diplomatic community including Mrs. Jennifer Shigoli, Mrs.MazaSinare True Maishateam,as well as Mrs. Elizabeth Melli who will be educating, inspiring and motivating our female youngsters from all our educational institution country wide. 


As we press for progress in all our interventions and community work, women and especially the girl child must know that women that treaded before us made tremendous efforts in laying the ground work and the foundation. Our role is now to carry on from where they left and ensure that we end the disparities in Gender! 


It is up to all of us to ask ourselves what we can do for this cause and not what this cause can do for us, because we know that what we do for the causenow we do for the future and our future generations will thank us when theyare judged on equal standards and not looked down upon because of their gender.



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