Bro Jose SDB, awarding Karume house a trophy.

The end of the House System and the academic year coincided and we successfully ended the House System on the last day of the academic year on 30th November 2018. This year the four Houses which took the names of prominent African leaders, Karume, Mandela, Nyerere and Sokoine fought for first position from the month of January 2018. The Nyerere House who was leading in the beginning gave the first position to Mandela for a long time and later Karume took over the lead and never looked back. The final standing read Karume, Mandela, Nyerere and Sokoine. Strange enough, Sokoine which had very able players never threatened any other Houses throughout the year. An independent evaluator w o u l d say what mattered w a s committed and dedicated animators (Teachers) and leaders. Congratulations to Karume ! Thanks to the Committee of Mr. Lymo, Ms. Anna and Mrs. Saro with Fr. Babu for keeping the College alive with various activities and prompting the students to give their best as the House System was used for this purpose. Many students too were trained in leadership as well due to the House System. We hope to have better participation and well balanced competition in the next year from the beginning to the end.

Don Bosco Oysterbay

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