Proposed school auditorium 

                                      Gift from Mzee Jasani

On 5th December 2018 we keep the 81st birthday of the late Mzee Jasani who has become a household name in many of our communities by now. Unfortunately many of our young people in the various communities have never met him but the various activities sponsored by the Sterling Trust which was founded by the Late Mzee Jasani has made him known and loved in our institutions. In the life of D on B os co Oysterbay Mzee Jasani and the Sterling Trust entered quietly in the end of 2016 when the Trust sponsored the Jasani hall for our staff to have their lunch and socialization. In 2017, the construction of the MVM workshop was sponsored by the Trust and now the Trust has approved our request for the construction of an auditorium which will cover the present basketball ground. We are awaiting the fund transfer and the beginning of the construction work in the near future. Once this auditorium would be functional then it would help our students to have the various activities protected from the scorching sun and the unpredictable rains of Dar es Salaam. We will be able to cut down our expenses for hiring tents for various activities and to add something by way of income to the college. We are very grateful to the Trustees of the Sterling Trust, Mr. Bharat Thaker, Mr. Shashi Shah and Ms. Gisela Hubling for their understanding and concern. Mr. Shah had spent two days while on his way to Don Bosco Didia for its silver jubilee celebration and also on his way back. We are very grateful to him for his visit though he could not see much of the activities as he spent only two nights at Don Bosco Oysterbay. We are also grateful to the Trust for sponsoring five of our students who are very needy students. Long Live Mzee Jasani, the great visionary and friend of the Needy and thank you dear Trustees for your support!