Jasani construction of the new auditorium

The Sterling Trust of Mzee Jasani is sponsoring the construction of the new auditorium ( covering the Basketball ground which we already had). The construction work on the auditorium officially began on 

20th February 2019 when Bishop Salutarius of Ifakara blessed the site and the work.  The construction company is Trustbuild Construction Company of Mr. Dominic a pastpupil of Don Bosco Mafinga. Mr. Beant Singh who has experience lasting four decades is supervising 

the work. We are expecting to use the auditorium by the end of May 2019. A special word of thanks to Mr. Bharat Thaker, Mr. Shashi Shah, Ms. Gislea Hubling and Ms. Patrice Good the Trustees for their support. Long Live Mzee Jasani.

Don Bosco Oysterbay

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