January 1986 : The Oysterbay Technical
School started by the diocese of Dar es
Salaam under
St. Peter’s Oysterbay.
January 1990 : The Technical school handed
over to the Salesians
April 1990: The Salesians begins to administer
the Technical school
October 1992 : The completion of the compound
January 1993: Very Rev. Fr . Juan Vecchi,
the Vicar General made the Extra-Ordinary
visitation of the school.
May 1993: The work on the Salesian r esidence
24 September 1993: The simple Salesian
residence ( Chacko House) was blessed by
Rev. Fr.Thomas Thayil, the superior of the
vice-province of Eastern Africa. Fr. Mathew
Puthumana begins to stay at Oysterbay.


10 January 1994: Rev. Fr. Thomas Panakezham,
the Regional for Asia visited Don Bosco
February 1994 : Bro. Gabriel Fernandez joined Fr.
Mathew at Oysterbay
6th April 1994: Fr. Mathew Puthumana left for India
for studies and Fr. M.C. Jose joined Bro. Gabriel
July 1994 : Fr. Chacko Thazhoor is appointed as the
In charge of Oysterbay
September 1994: Bro. Gabriel transferred to Iringa
July 1995 : Fr. Chacko transferred to Upanga and
Bro. Alfonso Morcelli becomes the Principal of Oysterbay.
24 September 1995: Rev. Fr. Luciano Odoricco,
the councillor of the Missions visits the community.
18 March 1996 : Very Rev. Sr. Castagna FMA, the
Mother General visited the community.
October 1996: Bro. Stephen Giubergia joined the
December 1996: Fr. Chacko Thazhoor appointed in charge.



9 April 1997 : Fr. Tallon Rodriques, the first
Regional councillor for Africa region visits the
15th May 1997: Fr. Chacko begin to reside at
28 November 1997: The new carpentry block
was blessed by Archbishop Polycarp Pengo in
the presence of the ambassador of Italy
3 November 1998 : Death of a welding 1st year
student, Yusufu Shomari.
10 January 2000: Fr. Edward Liptak becomes
Rector of Don Bosco Oysterbay in place of Fr.
2000 : Comide ( via Don Bosco) begins to assist
Don Bosco Oysterbay.
3 January 2001: The school gets a new Generator
with a great capacity.
8 May 2001: Bro. Stephen leaves Oysterbay for
good due to poor health.


7 March 2002 : Amici dei Popoli donate 25 new
13 July 2002 : Fr. M.C. Jose becomes the Rector
in place of Fr. Edward Liptak
31 January 2003 : The foundation stone of the
new procure house is blessed and laid by His Eminence
Cardinal Pengo
21 August 2003 : Extra-ordinary visitation by
Rev. Fr. Valentine De Paulo
17 February 2004: Fr. Manuel Pullankannapallil,
the procurator begins to stay at the new procure
31 May 2004 : the procure house is blessed and
opened by Rev. Fr. Francis Allencherry,the councillor
for the Missions & the Provincial Chapter is
held in the new hall.
9 June 2004 : Fr. Sajan ( Luke) becomes the
procurator in place of Fr. Manuel. & Fr. Dung
Dung becomes the vice-principal
January 2005 : Fr. Dung Dung leaves Oysterbay
July 2005: Bro. Alfonso leave for Moshi .



30 July 2006 : Bro. Celestine Nathan becomes the Pr incipal
in place of Bro. Alfonso
17 August 2006 : Fr . Chacko Thazhoor is installed as
the Rector after the departure of Fr. M.C. Jose to India.
23 October 2006: Rev. Fr . Adr iano Bregolin,the Vicar
of the Rector aMajor arrives at Oysterbay to address the
CIVAM meeting.
8 February 2007 : Fr . Chacko Thazhoor , the Rector
who was diagnosed with bone cancer few weeks back
leaves for his eternal reward.
12 February 2007: The late Fr . Chacko is bur ied at
18 June 2007 : Bro. Fr ancis Mulu becomes the
Principal in place of Bro. Celestine.
18 August 2007: Fr . John Mar ciniak becomes the Rector
of Oysterbay.
05 September 2007: Mr . Appio Claidio, the Ambassador
of Brazil & Rev. Fr. Francis Alencherry, the Councilor
for the Missions visit Don Bosco Oysterbay
01 December 2007 Mr . Wojciech Bozek, the Ambassador
of Poland visits Don Bosco as the guest of honour for
the graduation.


July 2008: Fr . Er ic Mairur a becomes the Procur ator and
January 2010: Bro. Dominic Allesia joins the community as Guest
July 2010: Fr . K.C. Thomas becomes the Rector of
29-31 October 2010: The extr a-ordinary visit by Fr.
Guliermo Basanes
15 July 2011: Bro. Dominic leaves for Makuyu.
26 August 2011: Fr . Boniface Mchame becomes the
procurator and administrator in place of Fr. Eric Mairura
08 December 2011: The Relic of Don Bosco ar r ives in
Dar es Salaam.
14 December 2011: the Relic of Don Bosco is vener ated at the cathedral
06 May 2012 : Bro. Fr ancis, Mr. Er ic and 8 students leave for Sweden
30 June 2012: Co-operators’ Unit begins at Oysterbay
July 2014: Fr. Celestine Kharkongor joins the Community in place of Fr.
Boniface Mchami as the Vice Rector & Procurator
Fr. Leonard Muli becomes the Administrator & Workshop Manager
Fr. K.C. Thomas replaces Bro. Francis Mulu as the Principal
July 2015: Bro. Jose Kaippananickal becomes the
Administrator and the Workshop Manager in place of Fr Leonard Muli.


29 July 2016: Fr. K.C. Thomas leaves Oysterbay and
Fr. Babu Augustine takes his place as Rector and
October 2016: Via Don Bosco assisted us to begin the
Tailoring Department.
December 2016: The Sterling Trust of Mzee Jasani
sponsored the Dining hall of the staff.
18 April 2017: Very Rev. Fr. Angel Fernandez, the
Rector Major arrived at Oysterbay for the first time. He
blessed and opened the PDO Block sponsored by Via
Don Bosco.
May 2017: The Govt. of Tanzania sponsors the Apprenticeship
Training Course lasting 6 months
( Computer & Tailoring) and 1 year for the other
June 2017: Via Don Bosco sponsored the equipments
for the MVM Department and the Sterling Trust of
Mzee Jasani sponsored the building.
October 2017: Miserior of Germany sponsors the Solar
and Electronics Department.

2018- the year of Jubilee

July 2018: Fr. Peter Mutechura replaces Fr.
Celestine Kharkongor as the Vice Rector and
DBNet Director
July 2018: Via Don Bosco sponsored the
renovation of the Procure hall.
15 September 2018: The graduation of the A.T.C.
students held at Dodoma
16 November 2018: Silver Jubilee of Don Bosco
Oysterbay with His Grace Jude Thadaeus Ruwa’ichi.
The Coadjutor Bishop of Dar es Salaam and Rev Fr.
Simon Asira. The Salesian Provincial of Eastern Africa.