The 4 Saleasians Missionaries

The four Salesian Missionaries at Don Bosco Oysterbay

Don Bosco Oysterbay had the privilege of having
three Salesian Missionaries who worked with great
dedication in the past but are unfortunately no
longer with us in this world.
The first one to depart this world was the Late Fr. Emmanuel
Pullankannapallil, Known affectionately as Fr.
Manu. Fr. Manu worked tirelessly and selflessly at
Oysterbay as the procurator and administrator. Together
with the then Provincial Economer, the late Fr. Thomas
Punchakunnel, he supervised the construction and interior
design of the new procure cum residence of the Salesians
from 2003 -04. In July 2004 he was transferred to Don
Bosco Korr in Kenya and on the night of 23rd June 2005
he passed away on the way to hospital due to a massive
heart attack.
Second Missionary was Bro Gabriel Fenandez on 22nd
July 2008. He was the principal of Don Bosco for eight
months in 1994
The third missionary to depart this world was the late Fr.
Chacko Thazhoor. He was the rector of Don Bosco
Oysterbay when he passed away on 8th February 2007
due to bone cancer which was found out too late. He
served Don Bosco Oysterbay at various times. He went
about his duties with a smile and quietness. His death too
was so sudden. Bro. Alf0nso Morcelli was the principal of Don
Bosco Oysterbay for ten years from 1995 to 2005.
During his tenure as the principal, Don Bosco
Oysterbay made much progress. The simple Carpentry
workshop developed into a fully equipped
workshop with the assistance received from
“Misereor” of Germany and Comide ( Via Don
Bosco) assisted us to put up the new workshops of
Electrical, Computer and Fitter Mechanics. Bro.
Alfonso was not manager or principal just in the
office. Most often he was found working on the
machines or repairing machines and equipments. In
2005 he was transferred to Don Bosco Moshi and
from there he went to Don Bosco Dodoma. In 2010
he left Dodoma for Khartoum ( Sudan) and worked
less than four months there when he was attacked
by malaria and passed away on 23rd
October 2010.
Don Bosco Ousterbay is indebted to these valiant
Salesians who worked with great dedication and to
the other staff and students who left this world
while they were serving at Don Bosco Oysterbay or
who left us after leaving Don Bosco Oysterbay.
May they rest in peace!