Solar Department

Duration 3 years

With the additional training in solar energy and electronics
besides electrical training will increase competence among
the trainees which will in turn improve their livelihood, income
and self-employment opportunities. Further, the Solar Department
due to training students in solar will act as an income generating
for the Centre in the long run through installation and maintenance
activities for other organizations and clients.
All in all the Solar project will help to advance the Tanzania’s solar
workforce by providing an innovative training. The project focuses
on enabling a strong, diverse, and well trained solar workforce,
which will effectively fit into the labour market and meet the employers’
demands. By ensuring the solar workforce has access to up
-to-date and credible information they need to do their jobs, consumers
will have assurance of solar installation durability and production
at large. In turn these jobs will help to increase solar adoption
and improve solar installation . Moreover, having an efficient, welltrained
workforce familiar with Solar will improve inspection compliance,
expedite system permitting, reduce liability and insurance
costs, and increase consumer confidence.