Motor vehicle mechanics

Duration 3 years course.

The idea of introducing Motor vehicle Mechanics was
existing for a long time
The government of Belgium through via Don Bosco
donated the equipments for the motor vehicle department,
and the Starling Trust of Mzee Jasani sponsored the building.
The Government of Tanzania agreed to include this department
too in the programme. We began this department with
50 and those who successfully completed were 39.
Apart from training, the workshop also serve as a production
unit and different car services and maintenance for customers
are carried. Up to now, the M.V.M. department has a
good equipments for learning and for . We have begun receiving
customers for the following services

Specific Objectives
i. Provide quality training on Motor vehicle mechanics for marginalized youths seeking to
transform their lives through TVET training by 2019.
ii. Enhancement of soft skills development in improving individual’s interpersonal skills in the
work environment to boost productivity for 90 youths enrolled in the programmes
iii. To widen sustainability mechanisms for Don Bosco VTC Oyesterbay.

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