Tailoring Department

Duration 6 months Course

The Tailoring Department began in 2016 with the assistance of Via Don
Bosco as an income generating activity. Thereafter the idea to use the workshop
as a training workshop came, and started short courses for six months
duration. The first intake recruited nine(9) trainees all being females , the
second butch recruited nine (9)trainees two being boys , but as the boys were
adolescent and in fact were not self-confident ,they discontinued with training.
After the starting of the Apprenticeship training programme some students were
recruited in this department. The management of Don Bosco Oysterbay under
Fr. Babu Augustine increased the number of sewing machines to 31 So as to accommodate
a big number of apprenticeship.
A total of 120 Trainees were enrolled, therefore learning took place in two sessions
(morning and evening session) as the classroom and sewing machines were
fewe compared to the demand. A total of 117 trainees completed their 6 months
The second batch started in January 2018 and 93 trainees completed their 6
months training with sewing skills. This has been of great value to the graduates as
the are good in sewing different designs.
The production wing has a total of 16 multipurpose industrial sewing machines
and 4 domestic sewing machines.

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