The Government of Tanzania

This idea of collaborating with the Governmentof Tanzania to impart apprenticeship is not a recent idea. This was talked about from 2015
with the PDO office of Dar es Salaam and with Fr. Boniface Mchami . Finally it got materialized due to the hard work of Fr. Celestine Kharkhongor and
his team of Don Bosco Net, Tanzania and Mr. Robert of the ministry of Labour , Employment and Youth Affairs. The project was officially presented to the Government of Tanzania in November 2016
and soon it got approval and the Government put the advertisement in the newspapers and national T.V. In the month of March 2017. The young people flocked to our technical schools in the last two weeks of March 2017. Over 20,000/ young people within the age gap of 17-35 applied
for the 3460 seats in our centers. The course should have began on 18th April 2017 on the day Very Rev. Fr. Angel Fernandez SDB, the Rector Major
of the Salesians of Don Bosco landed in Dar es Salaam but could not begin as expected as the Government of Tanzania announced the names of those
selected only on 25th May 2017. Unfortunately several students who were selected did not know about the announcement and were very slow
in reporting to our centers. Our centers began to register the students on 29th May 2017 and gave a week of orientation. The classes officially began on 5th June This programme was officially launched on 9th
June 2017 at Don Bosco Iringa by the honorable minister Mrs JENISTA MHAGAMA, the minister of Labour and Employment in the presence of Rev. Fr. Simon Asira SDB, the Vice-Provincial and Provincial designate, Fr. Celestine Kharkhongor, several Salesians, staff and students who are benefitting from this programme. Several members of Parliament belonging to the ruling party and the opposition were present for
the launching . The fund allotted for this project is from the tax collected
by the Government of Tanzania through SDL ( Skills Development Levy) . The Government of Tanzania sponsors the school fees of all the students
in this programme and pays for the training materials. This is paid directly to Don Bosco Net. The students in this programme will be given T.Sh.100,000/ per month and this would be sent directly to their personal
account. The Government does not want us to sacrifice the three year courses we have been offering under VETA programme in our three technical schools. The two courses of Computer and Tailoring are for 6 months and the other courses run for a full year after our normal VETA programme.

The beauty
of this programme is that the Government of Tanzania expects of us to give
our Salesian way of training to these young people as our past pupils in the
different companies and organizations have gained for Don Bosco a good
Don Bosco Net has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with
the Government of Tanzania for one year though the programme is for five
years. If the Government is happy with us then this programme will continue.
This is a great challenge placed before us and I see it as a privilege
given to us by the Government of Tanzania. We need to congratulate and
appreciate the effort of the Government of Dr. John Magufuli for using
the tax cAollected wisely for the young people of Tanzania and for us Salesians
it is a golden opportunity to reach out to thousands of young people in
Tanzania. Long live Don Bosco and thanks to everyone who made this possible
starting with our pioneers who laid the foundation in Tanzania for Don
Provide quality training and apprenticeship programme for marginalized youth seeking to transform their lives through Don Bosco training
by the end of 2018. To increase employability and labour mobility of marginalized youth through certification of skills acquired through formal
apprenticeship training by 2018. Enhancement of soft skills development in improving individual’s interpersonal skills in the work environment
to boost productivity by 2018. We want to thank the government of
President John Pombe Magufuli for for supporting the youth of Tanzania.

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