Via DonBosco

COMIDE began to assist Don Bosco Oysterbay from 2000. The first support we received from COMIDE was for the construction of the workshops of the Electrical, Machine Shop, Computer and Secretarial. Comide not only supported us in the construction of the workshops bust also provided us with machines and other equipments for these workshops.
From 2008 Via Don Bosco has been supporting us in the running expenses of the VTC like for the training materials, water, electricity besides sponsoring the capacity building workshops for the staff and the students to mention a few. Because of the support of Via Don Bosco we were able to start two new workshops of Tailoring and Motor V. Mechanics. These two workshops beside training students also
act as the income generating activities of Don Bosco Oysterbay.
We are very grateful to all the office bearers of Via Don Bosco for the support of the past and for the continual support we are experiencing. We also congratulate Via Don Bosco which will be celebrating their Golden jubilee in the near future.

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