Mzee C.N. Jasani

Mzee C.N. Jasani

Mzee Jasani who was born in India on 5th December 1937 came to East Africa at the age of 18 and worked hard to bring up his family members is an example of hard work and dedication. He never bemoaned his physical inabilities which were not few. He had all the possible ailments affecting his major internal organs. But this frail man was a giant of great moral strength and inspiration. Several of the Don Bosco institutions in Kenya and Tanzania have experienced his generosity when he was alive and after his departure from the world on 25th January 2003.

Today, in Don Bosco Oysterbay, both Mzee Jasani and the Sterling Trust are well known, thanks to the various projects in the name of the late Mzee Jasani by the Sterling Trust founded by him.
In the last two years we experienced the generosity of this great generous person, though hardly anyone at Don Bosco Oysterbay ever met him in person. Two years ago our staff were having their lunch under
the trees in the company of birds but today they have a beautiful dining hall called Jasani Hall sponsored by the Sterling Trust of Mzee Jasani.
One year ago we had the equipments and tools donated by the Via Don Bosco of Belgium but we did not have a Motor Vehicle workshop. Again the Sterling Trust came to our aid and we built a workshop and
added more toilets for the boys. Those who do not know Mzee Jasani has missed seeing someone really special! We hear of saints and
great souls in the history books. But those of us who had the privilege of seeing him has seen one such person. It is a rare gift.
We pray that our world may have more people like him to alleviate the sufferings of the poor. Long Live Mzee Jasani! Thank you dear Trustees of the Sterling Trust, Mr. Bharat Thaker, Mr. Shashi Shah and Ms. Gisela Hubling for keeping alive the memory of Mzee Jasani thorough the various projects you have sponsored in the past and the others which are in the pipeline.

Mr. Bharat Thaker

Mr. and Miss Bharat Thaker

Mr. Bharat Thaker and Mr. Shashi Shah are the two trustees of the Sterling Trust founded by the Late Mzee Jasani. Mr. Bharat is the favourite nephew of the late Mzee Jasani and was the first one from the family of the Late Mzee Jasani to come forward immediately after the death of Mzee Jasani on 25th January 2003 and insisted that all what the late Mzee Jasani was doing for the community of Bosco Boys, Nairobi should continue like before.
Mr. Bharat and Mrs. Jagruthi Thaker have the heart of Mzee Jasani,
their uncle and they get so excited when they speak about their beloved
uncle. Mr. Bharat is settled down in Charleston, South Carolina
in the United States and he is in hotel business.

Mr. Shashi Shah

Mr. Shashi Shah had the privilege of living in the same building with the late Mzee Jasani for close to 18 years on Sports Road, Nairobi. They became friends and Mr. Shah was then the Financial Director of C.M.C. Motors, Nairobi. Because of his experience and uprightness, the Late Mzee Jasani requested him to be one of the trustees of the Sterling Trust. Mr. Shah as the local trustee visits the various projects funded by the Sterling Trust. He has already made two trips to Don Bosco Oysterbay. For his first trip he was accompanied by Mrs. Anu Shah as well. Mr. Shah after his retirement from the CMC Motors does consultancy at Nairobi.

We are very grateful to both Mr. Bharat and Mr. Shah, the trustees of the Sterling Trust for understanding our situation so well and for their constant support.

Long Live Mzee Jasani!

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