The Mom of Fr. Babu says adieu to the World

The Late Mariakutty

The Mom of Fr. Babu ( the Late Mariakutty Augustine ) went for her eternal reward on 7th March 2020. She had been hospital-ized for little more than three months. Fr. Babu and his other siblings got the chance to spend some time with their Mom during her last days.
Fr. Babu officiated the funeral service on Saturday,14th March 2020 at the church of Our Lady of Lourdes , Thalayanad, Thodupuzha, Kerala, India. The corona pandemic had affected the travel and the funeral. But it was really a blessing that some of the children could attend the funeral.
The Mom of Fr. Babu was a woman of great prayer, she participated in the Holy Eucharist daily, a hard worker, known for time management, orderliness, high self-discipline, had a great memory of dates and events until her end. She was also a great woman of common sense and wis-dom. We pray that the Almighty God may grant eternal rest to her.

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