Training Resumes after Corona

Like all other educational institutions, Don Bosco Oysterbay too was closed due to Corona outbreak in the country on 18th March 2020.
It was a great challenge for everyone during the corona break which lasted until the last week of May 2020.
Finally the training re-sumed on 1st June 2020. It is seven weeks since we resumed our training and we are very happy to note that we are safe. With the exception of few who left the school, no one else has left due to corona.
A week after we reopened we had the quarterly ex-amination which we had originally scheduled for the last week of March 2020. Now we are going on with the normal activities in the
school. We have added an extra hour for personal study everyday. We take this chance to thank the Almighty God for His pro-tection and for the wise leadership of President Dr. John Magufuli.

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