Finally we man-aged to have the picnic for the two Houses, Manyara and Ruaha who were the winners of 2019. Due to Corona re-strictions and other commitments we could not have it earlier.
The picnic was organized on Satrday, 18th July 2020 to Dar es Salaam Zoo. The preparation for the long awaited day began many days in advance. Several of the students who completed in 2019 too were able to join the others. Various com-mittees were formed and the responsibili-ties were distributed among the students.
Mr. Pancras Kipingi and Mrs. Agnes William (Mama Kambona) gave a help-ing hand to the students who volunteered

to cook. Very delicious food was pre-pared for everyone which was in abun-dance.
The pro-gramme of 18th July began with the Holy Eucharist at 5.15am. We started the journey at 6.30am from the school and reached Dar es Salaam Zoo before 7.30am. On arrival we had breakfast and at 8.15am began the tour of the Zoo. For several of the students it was their first experience of seeing wild animals.
After the tour we had party games, lunch and other games. At about 4.30pm we left the Zoo for the beech and spent some time in the beech. Finally we left the beech by 6.30pm and reached the school by 8.00pm as we had planned.

At Dar es Salamm Zoo and at the Beech several people got the opportunity to speak and everyone had word of Thanks to God for making us reach this stage, the Salesians for their guidance, Via Don Bosco who are our sponsors for their generosity, the teachers for their encour-agement and the House Leaders for their dedication. A special word of thanks was given to Mrs. Fausta Ngatunga for her great dedication to her Houses. It was pointed out that always her House takes first or second position.
May this picnic motivate the students of 2020 to excel in performance.

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