RIP Dr John Pombe Magufuli

We heard the sad and shocking news of the passing away of Dr. John Pombe Magufuli the President of Tanzania on the night of 17th March 2021. We at Don Bosco Oysterbay are

grateful to Dr. John Magufuli for the two A.T.C. Programmes which we had for the young people

of Tanzania. Several young people were able to change the course of their life with this programme. As we mourn his death, we pray that the Almighty God may show mercy on his soul He left behind the legacy of hard work, selfless service to the Nation, great faith in God, commitment to a cause and perseverance till the end. On the morning of 18th March we had a special prayer service for the repose of his soul and we canceled the celebration we had planned for 19th March for the feast of St. Joseph. We join the entire nation in mourning his death.

May he rest in Peace!

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