How you Can You Support this project?

How can you support this project?

Being a technical college we train our young people to be part of the future workforce of Tanzania. When you being in orders in our workshops you are helping our students to learn their work better. Since our school fees is very low compared to the cost of the equipment they use, your orders indirectly help our students as the income we get in the workshops could be put to good use.

We are very happy to receive orders in our workshops of Carpentry, Mechanics, Tailoring and Welding.

Carpentry      :    Any type of furniture

Mechanics     :    Any type of lath or milling jobs

Tailoring       :    We are happy to make dresses of any types, we take large orders of t-shits, uniforms etc.

Welding        :    Metal works of grills and furniture


Send your donation Through our bank account.


Bank Details

A/c Number  :  0150229631500

Name of the Account: Don Bosco V.T.C. - Oysterbay



Don Bosco Oysterbay

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