In 2016 Via Don Bosco sponsored the equipment for the Motor Vehicle Department and we were looking for a prospective sponsor for putting up the workshop. To our consolation, as ever, the Trustees of the Sterling Trust of the Late  Mzee Jasani came to our aid and now the workshop is ready . The ATC students who are taking Motor V. Mechanics are  ready undergoing training in this department. we are on the look out for a good mechanic so that we can receive vehicles for servicing and repair . We are very grateful to  the Via Don Bosco and the Trustees of the Sterling Trust, Mr. Bharat Thaker, Mr. Shashi Shah, Ms. Gisela and Mr. Patrice Good for their understanding and concern without forgetting our
Beloved Mzee Jasani for his foresight. 

The target group of this project are the young men and women enrolled at Don Bosco VTC Oyesterbay. Most of the beneficiaries come from informal settlements with others from the villages and out-skirts of Dar es Salaam. Almost all of them come from very poor households where there are usually many siblings to consider. For their parents/guardians, incomes are too low for them to afford further educational opportunities. Most of the parents/guardians have no consistent income-generating activities.

Specific Objectives

i.                    Provide quality training on Motor vehicle mechanics for marginalized youths seeking to transform their lives through TVET training by 2019.

ii.                  Enhancement of soft skills development in improving individual’s interpersonal skills in the work environment to boost productivity for 90 youths enrolled in the programs.

iii.                To widen sustainability mechanisms for Don Bosco VTC Oyesterbay.