Fitter Mechanics

Fitter Mechanics course-Level III Certificate CBA Students learn how to make gears, Sprocket gear, Bevel gear, Shafts, Bolts, Nuts, and any other types of spares for machines in theory and practical and Technical Drawing. They are also involved in production in their third year of study. 

Related subjects: Engineering science, Mathematics, Life skill, Communication skill, English, Computer and Entrepreneurship

 If you wish to forge ahead in the engineering industry, Fitting and Turning will provide you with skills and knowledge to do so; it’s a perfect platform to launch your career. You will learn about designing, assembling, manufacturing, installing, modifying, fault finding, commissioning, maintaining and servicing mechanical equipment, machinery and fluid power systems. You will also learn about related computer-controlled equipment including Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and computer numeric-controlled machine tools.