01 Wed                                 Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God

Proposals for admission to the Diaconate & priesthood to reach the Provincial house

04 Sat                                     RIP Fr.Thomas Punchekunnel

05 Sun                                SUNDAY OF THE EPIPHANY OF THE LORD- Solemnity

12 Sun                                   Baptism of the Lord/ Zanzibar Revolution

13 Mon                              Level I Report/ Orientation

14 Tue                                    PFC Meeting in Moshi, RIP Fr. John Lee Taeseok (2010)

16Thur                                   Quiquennium-Sudan Delegation

17 Fri                                      Sudan Delegation Admin. Meet – Juba

16Thur-17Fri                        Community Youth Pastoral Delegates’ meeting, Moshi

18Sat-25Sat                         Unity Octave

18 Sat                                     Sudan Delegation Principals Meet – Juba

19 Sun                                   Salesian Family Day in Kenya by SMI at Upper Hill

                                                Salesian Family Day in Sudan Delegation at Juba

20 Mon- 22Wed          Provincial Council

20 Mon                              Level II & III Report/ RIP Bro. Matthew Aayila              

21 Tue                                    RIP BR. Umberto Rizzetto

22 Wed                                  Blessed Laura Vicuna

                                                Novena to Don Bosco Beggins

24 Thu                                   St.Francis de Sales/ Convoction

25 Fri                                      Death anniversary of Mzee Jasani

26 Sat                                     Salesian Family Day in Tanzania/ Temeke

28-29 Tue-Wed                   Utume Curatorium

30 Thu                                   Moshi Curatorium, Bl. Boleslaw Markiewicz

31 Fri                                 St. John Bosco




01 Sat                                     Moshi Curatorium Continues

                                                Commemoration of all the Deceased Salesians

02 Sun                                   Presentation of the Lord (Day for the consecrated Life)-Feast

03 Mon                                 Financial (Administrative) Council Meeting, Nairobi

04 Tue-8Sat                          Seminar for Catechists from Salesian Parishes in Kenya at Makuyu

05 Wed                                  Birthday of Fr. Peter Mutechura/ RIP Fr. Peter Matthew (2013)

07 Fri                                      TZ Rectors meeting in Moshi

08 Sat                                     RIP Fr. Chacko Thazhoor (2007)

09 Sun-10Mon                    Delegation Assembly

09 Sun                                   Youth ministry Team at Upper Hill,

 Bl Eusebia Palomino

11 Tue                                    Salesian Family days in Sudan, AFE quality assuance meeting at Embu

12 Wed                                  Rectors of Kenya meeting – Utume

12 Wed-13Thu                    Curatorium, Ratisbonne

13-14 Thu- Fri                      Province Level volunteers meeting – Upper Hill

16 Sun  - 4th APRIL:    GC 28 IN TURIN

22 Sat                                     KE Youth Ministry Commission Meeting at Upper Hill,

23 Sun                                   RIP Fr. Thomas Thayil (2010)

24-28 Mon-Fri                     FINAL EXAMINATION FOR ATC

25 Tue                                    St. Aloysius Versigilia and Callistus Caravario (Feast)

26 Wed                                  Ash Wednesday

27 Thur-29 Fri                      Lay Headmasters/ Principals and the Deputies meeting at DBYES


MARCH 2020


02 Mon                                 Field Attachment for A.T.C.

03-05Tue-Fri                        Seminar for Catechists from Salesian Parishes in Tanzania

05 Fri-6Sat                            KENYA Administrators’ Meeting – Upper Hill

09 Mon-15sun                    Annual Retreat Maua/ Women’s Week

09 Mon                                 Applications for various ministries, renewals and perpetual profession

14 Sat                                     RIP Fr. Edwin Kaigarula (2011)

17Tue-18Wed                      TZ Administrators Meeting at Moshi

18 Wed                                  Birthday of Bro. Jose

19 Thu                                   YMC Executive Committee at Moshi, St Joseph

                                                Applications for Novitiate

23 Mon                                 Kenya Salesian Family Consulta Meeting/ Mid-Term Examination

26 Thur-27Fri                       Annual meeting of Headmasters/Principals at Oysterbay

30 Mon                                 RIP Fr. Richard Mtui


APRIL 2020


03 Fri                                   Mid-Term break for VTC

05 Sun                                PALM SUNDAY

06-07Mon-Tue                    Utume Symposium

07 Tue                                   KARUME DAY

09 Thu                                HOLY THURSDAY

10 Fri                                   GOOD FRIDAY

11 Sat                                  HOLY SAT – Easter Vigil

12 Sun                            EASTER SUNDAY

13 Mon                                 Practical Trainees Kenya Upper Hill/EASTER MONDAY

15 Wed                                  Classes resume after holidays

15-16 Wed-Thu                   Preparations for Practical Training, 3rd Yrs in Moshi

16 Thu                                   RIP Br. Cherian Palathinkal(1994)} Ordination anniversary of Fr. Luke

17Fri -21Tue                         Provincial Council Meeting in Moshi

19 Sun                                   Divine Mercy

26 Sun                                   Union Day

27 Mon                                 Ministries at Utume


MAY 2020


01 Fri                         St. Joseph the Worker/Workers’ day

02 Sat                                     RIP Fr. Jacob Puthenveettil (2008)

06 Wed                                  St. Dominic Savio

09 Sat                                     TZ Youth Ministry Commission Meeting Dodoma

12 -13 Tue-Wed                  Parish Priests Meeting Dodoma

13 Wed                                  St. Maria Mazzarello

15 Fri                                      Proposal of Candidates to the 1stProfession to reach the Prov. Office

16 Sat                                     St. Aloysius Orione

18 Mon                                 St. Leonard Murialdo

19 Tue                                    Birthday of Fr. Luke (Sajan)

21 Thu                                   ASCENSION OF THE LORD

23 Sat                                  Mary Help of Christians, Solemnity

23-25 Sat- Mon                   Eid al Fitr?

26-29 Tue-Fri                       Formation Guides Annual Formation Seminar at Moshi

28 Thu                                   (BI. Joseph Kawalsky and Companions)

31Sun                               PENTECOST SUNDAY


JUNE 2020


01-30 Mon-Tue                   EXAMINATION

Tech. orientation course for 2nd Yr. Moshi Bros in comm..

04Thur-6Sat                         Provincial Council in Morogoro

08 Mon                                 Financial (Administrative) Council Meeting, Dar Es Salaam

09-15 Tue-Mon                   Annual Retreat in Maua

9Tue-19Fri                            Counseling Course for teachers in Secondary Schools at DBYES

11Thu                                    {RIP Fr. Benjamin Listello (2000) St. Barnabas, the Apostle}

12 Fri                                      Holidays

14 Sun                    CORPUS CHRISTI

15 Mon:                             Field Attachment for Level II

17-19Wed-Fri                      Fri Quinquennium Seminar, Moshi

19 Fri                                      Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

20 Sat                                     Birthday of Fr. Babu

23 Tue                                    St. Joseph Cafasso

                                                RIP Fr. Manuel Pullenkannapallil (2005), Fr. Charbel Daora RIP 2014

24 Wed                                  Birth of St. John the Baptist – Solemnity (Feast of the Rector Major)

24-29 Wed-Mon                 TZ SYM Forum in Shinyanga

29 Mon                                 St. Peter & St. Paul; RIP Fr. Joachim Lobo (1997)


JULY 2020


01 – 27 Wed-Mon              Course in Preparation for Perpetual Vows – Utume

04 Sat                                     BI. Pier Giorgio Frassati

07 Tue                                    BI. Maria Romero/ Saba Saba Holiday

11 Sat                                     Kenya Salesian Family Consulta

12 Sun                                   Ordination Anniversary of Fr. Peter Mutechura

13 Mon                                 Semester II (Level II & I)

15 Wed                                  Transfers take effect

18 Sat                                     Rectors of Kenya Meet at Embu

22 Wed                                  RIP Br. Gabriel Fernandez (2008)

24 Fri                                      Upper Hill: Dedication of the Shrine (26th Anniversary)

                                                Pre-novices to arrive at Bosco Boys, Kuwinda

29 – 30 Wed- Thu               DBTECH-Africa Board Meeting, DBYES – Nairobi

31 Fri                                      Administrative Council meeting – Nairobi(Conclusion of perpetual profession)





01 Sat                                     Financial (Administrative) Council Meeting

02 -04 Sun-Tue                    PROVINCIAL COUNCIL MEETING

03 Mon                                 Level II report after Field Attachment

06Thu-12Wed                     Morogoro retreat: Novices

                                                Utume Retreat at Sagana

8Sat-14Fri                             Moshi Retreat Maua

08 Sat                                     Nane-Nane Holiday

13 Thu                                   Renewal on Vows in the Province

14 Fri                                      Induction of the new Novices at Morogoro/ Ordination anniversary of Fr. Babu

14-17 Fri- Mon                    Vocational camp, Langata – Nairobi

15 Sat                                     First profession at Morogoro

16 Sun                                   Birthday of St. John Bosco

17 Mon                                 Utume: Launching of the academic year 2019-2020

21-24 Fri-Mon                     Vocational Camp Kericho

26 Wed                                  BI. Ceferino Namuncura

27 Thu                                   RIP Fr. Bernard Popowaski (1999)

28 Fri                                      Official inauguration of Utume

                                                Formation Commission Meeting, Dar Es Salaam

30 Mon                                 Youth Ministry Commission Meeting in Dar Es Salaam; RIP Fr. Demetrio Cais (1997)

31 Tue                                    Youth Ministry Executive Meeting, Dar Es Salaam




01 Tue                                    YMC & PFC (Morning) – Dar Es Salaam

Heads of Commission/ Dar Es Salaam; RIP Br. John Williams (2010)

02 - 04 Wed-Fri                                           Rectors’ Meeting Dar Es Salaam

05 Sat                                     Provincial Community Day – Dar Es Salaam

06 Sun                                   RIP Fr. Luigi Abbate (1993)

07 Mon                                 Mid-Term Examination

16-20Wed-Sun                    CIVAM YMC

16 Wed                                  Fr. Patrick Soreng RIP (2013)

18 Fri                                      College closes for Mid-Term break

19 Sat                                     RIP Fr. Luca Maschio (1994)

21 Mon                                 Field Attachment for Level III

22 Tue                                    BI. Joseph Calasanz Marques, Henry Saiz Aparicio & Companions

28 Mon                                 Level II & I Report after Holidays                                     




02-05 Fri-Sun                       Provincial Council Meeting

                                                St. Francis of Assisi

                                                CIVAM formation Delegates

13 Tue                                    BI. Alexandrina M. da Costa

                                                40th anniversary of the first Salesians in East Africa

18 Sun                                   MISSION SUNDAY

23 Fri                                      RIP Br. Alfonso Morcelli in (2010)

24 Sat                                     BI. Aloysius Guanella/ Staff Picnic

25 Sun                                   Quinquennium TZ, Morogoro

26 Mon                                 Kenya Salesian Family Consulta

28-28 Wed-Thu                  Mawlid Holiday?

29 Thu                                   BI. Michael Rua ( Feast of the Vicar of the Rector Major)







01 Sun                                   All Saints

02 Mon                                 All Souls

05 Thu                                   RIP Benefactors & members of the Salesian Family

09 Mon                                 Level III Report after Field Attachment

10 Tue                                   RIP Fr. Sean McFerran (1998)

11 Wed                                  Salesian Mission Day

13 Fri                                      BI. Artmides Zatti

15 Sun                                   Community budgets to reach the Provincial office; BI. Magdalene Morano

20 Fri                                      GRADUATION OF LEVEL III & EXHIBITION

22 Sun                                   CHRIST THE KING

23 Mon                                 Final Examination for Level I

26 Thu                                   Christ the King {RIP Mass for Tony Pinto (2005),

                                                New Rectors Formation Programme

29 Sun                                   The Novena for Immaculate Conception begins

30 Mon                                 Financial (Administrative) Council Meeting

                                                VETA EXAMINATION




01 Tue                                    Financial (Administrative) Council Meeting

02 Wed                                  RIP Fr. Joseph Malieckal (1996)

02 -4 Wed-Fri                       PROVINCIAL COUNCIL MEETING – Upper Hill-Nairobi

                                                Joint Council Meeting between SDB & FMA

05 Sat                                     BI. Philip Rinaldi/ Birthday of Mzee Jasani

0Sun-8Tue                            Seminar for Confreres above 55 Yrs

07-8 Mon-Tue                     Practical Trainees Meeting, DBYES

09 Wed                                  UHURU DAY

09-15 Wed-Tue                   Annual Retreat at DBYES

16 Wed                                  Christmas Novena begina

18 Fri                                      Christmas Party for Staff

20 Sun                                   RIP Fr. Jacob Kizhakeyil (1994)

25 Fri                                      CHRISTMAS, RIP Fr. Philip Valayam (2005)

28 Mon                                 The Holy Innocents, Martyrs

29 Tue                                    St. Thomas Becket


                                                                             “Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven” Mt 6: 10



Strenna of the Rector Major - 2020